5 Ways To Make Your Supplement Product Brand Stand Out From The Rest

There are more competing products on the supplement market than ever before. The global market for dietary supplements is expected to grow from $167.5 billion in 2023 to nearly $240 billion by 2028. While product quality is essential, consumers are more likely to buy products in attractive and eye-catching packaging. From custom stand up pouch printing to sharable stick pack designs, here are five ways to make your products stand out on store shelves and in online product listings.

Identify Your Product’s Unique Points

Supplement packaging has limited space for branding and product information. A packaging service can help you design packages that display branding and include all of the necessary supplement facts and any required regulatory claims. In addition to product information, custom packaging designs can also present any considerations that make your product preferable to competing brands. 

Create A Packaging Experience For Customers

The formats and types of supplements your brand sells will determine the best packaging materials. You can choose an airtight barrier film, such as materials used for custom coffee bags, to seal out environmental elements such as air, light, and moisture that could degrade supplements prior to use. Design choices for colors, fonts, and graphics can increase visual appeal, while a choice of glossy or matte texture and features such as clear or clouded windows can enhance the customer experience in-store or when unboxing an online order. 

Balance Safety and Ease of Use

Supplement packaging is often subject to federally mandated safety regulations. A selling point of Mylar bags custom packaging for these products is that this material has been tested and certified by third-party agencies to meet child-resistant test requirements and tamper resistance. Depending on the supplements you sell, you may also have options to make packaging easier to use, such as tear notches and child-resistant or press-to-close zippers. Packaging services can help you strike a balance between promoting safety and facilitating use by intended end customers.

Consider Smart Packaging Features

Smart packaging designs can be an easy way to make supplement products stand out. Health and wellness brands may opt for serialized Quick Response codes that enable customers to confirm the authenticity or trace the life cycle of each product or standardized QR codes that link to product pages on brand websites. These features are useful for providing additional information to customers without crowding package designs.

Offer Trial-Size Stick Packs

Many customers appreciate the opportunity to try supplements before investing in a full-size package. Stick packs are popular options for displaying products at the point of sale in retail stores and can be sold individually or in sets. Affordable small servings of supplements can introduce customers to a product, facilitate use on the go and encourage sharing.

Good packaging design can boost supplement sales. A packaging service can recommend the best films and features to preserve the freshness and quality of health and wellness products and appeal to consumers. Make your products stand out by designing the right size and style of custom flexible packaging.

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