How To Choose A Truck

Choosing a truck–c2 is an important step, especially if you are in the trucking industry or need a new vehicle for your business. Choosing the right truck in Argentina can help you increase efficiency, save resources, and ensure safe transportation.

5 factors to look for when making your choice

1)  Payload capacity.

Consider the following aspects when choosing a truck in Argentina:

  • Type of cargo. Determine what types of cargo you plan to transport. It can be pallets of goods, construction materials, groceries or other loads. Consider their weight and volume.
  • Capacity allowance. It is recommended to choose a truck with some capacity allowance. This will avoid overloading and ensure safety on the road.
  • Dependence on legislation. Different countries may have different restrictions on truck capacity.

2)  Body type.

Consider the following aspects:

  • Open body. Suitable for transporting large and oversized loads such as building materials. Usually has sides and can be equipped with a canopy or cargo platform.
  • Refrigerator. Used to transport perishable items such as food and medical supplies. Provides a controlled temperature.
  • Flatbed body. Often used to transport goods that require quick loading and unloading, such as pallets and containers.
  • Specialized body. Depending on your industry, you may need a specialized body, such as a tanker for transporting liquids or a crane truck for construction work.

3)  Engine type and fuel:

  • Diesel vs. Gasoline. Diesel engines typically provide more torque and lower fuel consumption, which is suitable for freight transportation. Gasoline engines are more common in light trucks and commercial vehicles.
  • Environmental: Some regions have regulations on emissions and environmental standards. Make sure the truck meets these standards.
  • Fuel Economy: Consider fuel consumption as it has a significant impact on operating costs. Technologies such as emission reduction systems (AdBlue) and fuel economy systems can help save money.

4)  Size and maneuverability.

  • Length, width and height. Consider the dimensions of the truck and make sure it is suitable for the roads and locations you plan to operate on. Be aware of bridges, tunnels and narrow streets.
  • Turning radius. Evaluate the truck’s ability to make U-turns, especially in urban areas.

5)  Service and warranty.

Ensuring the reliability and longevity of a used truck includes the following aspects:

  • Availability of service centers. Find out where the nearest service centers and dealerships are located for your chosen brand. Proximity to service can save you time and money.
  • Warranty service. Read the warranty terms and conditions in detail. A good warranty will protect you from unexpected costs.
  • Long-term service. Consider what services are available for long-term maintenance and repairs.

Choosing a truck in Argentina is a crucial step that affects your efficiency and business success. Consider each of these aspects and conduct a thorough analysis to choose the used truck that best suits your needs and objectives.

By Bonnie Garmus

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