How to Close a Pocket Knife?

We all love the usefulness of pocket knife especially if we want to make cuts on the go. These knives come in different styles with varying closing and locking mechanisms. So, you are probably wondering how to fix a pocket knife that won’t close. If yes, then here is a guide to help you along the way. 

Hold the knife by the sides of the hilt

Are you wondering how to open and close a pocket knife? This is the first step to ensure safety. The fingers shouldn’t be over the slot where the blade will go. 

Use your dominant finger to grip the back of the blade

You should hold the dull side of the blade between the thumb and the fingers and keep your fingers firmly held to avoid slipping. 

Push the knife into the slot slowly

The last step is to make sure that the sharp edge of the blade is secured in the knife slot completely. Immediately after the knife is closed, you can initiate the lock to ensure the blade will not open on the hand. 

Some pocket knives don’t have a lock and therefore, you will have to ensure the blade is secured perfectly in the slot.

By GetHowToTips

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