How to Fake a Pregnancy Test with Apple Juice?

How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice” is a common question that arises in most women’s minds. In case of urgency, women often need to act as if they are pregnant, which is when apple juice comes to help. Apple juice has been used to fake pregnancy test for ages. Because of the sugar content in apple juice, one can use it successfully. However, one should understand, this method is not effective in making a woman pregnant; it only gives a positive result to a pregnancy test, thus faking the whole pregnancy. Continue to read this article if you want to know more about how faking a pregnancy can be done using apple juice.

A woman does not need to drink apple juice to fake the test; she has to put the liquid on trial. It is dependent on the brand of apple juice you choose to use on the test kit. It is always recommended that you use the apple juice of a good brand, which has pure juice made of organic apples. You may also try out carrying an unnatural positive pregnancy result by opting for vinegar pregnancy test. One should note, the success of faking a test depends on the consistency of the juice. Steps to fake a trial have been given below;

  • First, the apple juice needs to be poured into a vessel.
  • Then, the test is to be dipped into it. Do not dip it too profoundly. Keep it at a medium level.
  • Now, keep the test dipped in the juice for about five to ten minutes. You may not get relevant results if you keep it for a longer or a shorter period.
  • Keep checking the report. First, check it after five minutes and then again after another five minutes.

A standard test kit for pregnancy makes use of the urine of the expecting woman, which is applied to the bare parts of the test medium. The presence of HCG hormones is detected in the test. If the level of this hormone is in the range of 25 to 50 ml, the woman is pregnant. Two red lines can be observed on the kit.

How is apple juice an alternative to urine?

The apple juice has HCG hormones, and the sugar level in apple juice and pregnant women is almost the same. Hence, this method proves to be successful when anyone wishes to fake a test. Certain enzymes are present on the pregnancy test kit which react with the apple juice when applied to it. It changes the colour of the strip and gives a fake positive pregnancy result. However, it is not advisable to play such pranks on your close ones as it may hurt their emotions.


While faking a pregnancy test, it is not the recommended thing to do; however, one who wishes to do it can follow the steps above. Also, don’t forget, a fake pregnancy test can lead to controversies and disturbances in your life, especially if you hurt your near and dear ones because of it.

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