How to Make Your Home Feel More Warm, Welcoming & Comfortable for Guests

Whether you operate an ‘open door’ policy on your flat or house and are always encouraging friends and family to drop around for a cuppa whenever they feel like it or else need more organized plans, you want them to love your home.

With this in mind, read on to learn how to make your home more welcoming, warm, and comfortable for guests. 

Provide Items They May Have Forgotten to Bring 

Aside from when your mother, father, or lifelong best friend is staying (as such close people in your life would never be afraid of asking you for anything), to ensure your guests have everything they need for their stay, investing in a few toiletries and other essentials is a good idea.

The best, most subtle, and generally gracious way of doing this is to place a small basket in the bathroom and fill it with items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and sanitary products. In addition, leave a fresh bottle of water on the bedside table along with a glass in case your friends are thirsty and do not feel comfortable wandering downstairs in the middle of the night. 

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Spend Time Choosing the Right Sofa Bed 

It would be a real shame to have your guests feel as if they are entirely at home in your space and to treat them to great food and a brilliant evening together, only for their experience to be diminished after spending the night on a hard and uncomfortable bed.

This is why you should spend time and a little money in choosing the right style of sofa bed that not only feels just like a real bed but also looks and feels great as a sofa, too, with the ligne roset sofa bed being a prime example. 

Strike a Balance with Personal Touches 

Nobody would ever suggest you take down that family canvas in the hallway or change virtually any other piece of wall art or home decor ahead of your guests’ arrival, but in order for them to feel welcomed and not as if they are intruding, try not to saturate the place with clutter.

Obviously, you will be cleaning and tidying every room before they arrive, but keep in mind that excessive debris on the bathroom windowsill or your children’s toys strewn across the landing may not be the best way to welcome your friends and/or family members into your home. 

Lighting & Indoor Plants 

Finally, in terms of the general impression your guests experience when they walk through the door, there are some simple ways to enhance how welcomed they feel, including ensuring that the air is fresh and clean, perhaps by opening windows a couple of hours before they are due to knock on the door.In addition, ensure that you are maximizing the volume of natural light, that each room is brightly lit, and, for the finishing touch, have a couple of indoor plants in appropriate places around the house.

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