How to Replace a Quip Toothbrush Battery

Electric toothbrushes are popular due to their effectiveness in maintaining oral hygiene. Quip toothbrushes are known for their sleek design and convenience. However, like any device powered by a battery, the batteries of these electric toothbrushes will need replacing. Knowing how you will change the battery without damaging the device is important. Here is the guide on how to replace quip battery.

Quip Toothbrush Batteries 

Quip toothbrushes come with a built-in non-replaceable battery that typically lasts three months on a single charge. However, you must replace the entire unit when the battery’s lifespan ends. This replacement process is relatively simple and requires only a few tools.

Tools Needed 

To replace the battery in your Quip toothbrush, you will need the following tools:

  • Small Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Replacement Quip battery

Preparing for Battery Replacement 

Before starting the battery replacement process, wash your hands thoroughly to maintain hygiene. Working on a clean surface is also recommended to avoid losing small parts during the process. Ensure that your Quip toothbrush is turned off to prevent accidental activation.

Removing the Battery Cover

  • Take your Quip toothbrush and locate the bottom end, where the bristles are.
  • Insert the small flathead screwdriver into the small slot on the side of the toothbrush’s bottom end.
  • Gently twist the screwdriver to lift and remove the bottom end of the toothbrush.

Removing the Old Battery

  • After removing the bottom end, you will see the old battery inside the toothbrush.
  • Carefully disconnect the wires attached to the old battery. Take note of the wire colors and their corresponding positions for reassembly.
  • Using the small Phillips-head screwdriver, unscrew the small metal plate holding the battery.
  • Lift out the old battery and set it aside for proper disposal.

Installing the New Battery

  • Position the replacement Quip battery correctly, aligning the positive and negative ends with the corresponding terminals inside the toothbrush.
  • Use the small Phillips-head screwdriver to firmly secure the metal plate to hold the new battery firmly.
  • Reconnect the wires to their respective positions, following the color coding from earlier.
  • Check to ensure that all connections are safe and appropriately aligned.

Reassembling the Toothbrush

  • Gently place the bottom end of the toothbrush back in position, ensuring that it aligns properly with the top part.
  • Apply slight pressure and twist the bottom end clockwise until it locks back.
  • Give the toothbrush a gentle shake to ensure that it is securely assembled.

Testing the New Battery 

Once the Quip toothbrush is reassembled, turn it on to ensure the new battery functions correctly. If the toothbrush vibrates as expected, you have successfully replaced the battery.

Replacing the battery in your Quip toothbrush is a simple process that can be accomplished with basic tools and minimal effort. However, you must ensure you buy the right battery to fit the device. Ensure you look for the best dental stores where these toothbrushes are likely sold. By following this guide, you can replace quip battery, ensure its smooth operation and maintain your oral hygiene routine. Remember to dispose of the old battery responsibly. 

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