How to See How Many Points You Have at Walmart?

With approximately 2.2 million full and part-time employees working day and night, Walmart, an American multinational retail corporation founded in 1962, needs a fair and efficient system for employee management.

Walmart’s No Call/No Show (NCNS) Point System helps management keep track of late arrivals, early clock-outs, unreported absences, and skipped shifts.

The automatic point system ensures objectivity, free of human influence, allowing management to determine when disciplinary action or termination is the only recourse.

As a Walmart employee, keeping track of your point standing is important in maintaining a good standing with the company and avoiding any disciplinary action.

So, how do you check to see how many points you have at Walmart?

Here, we discuss what the company’s NCNS Point System is, how it works, and how you can see how many points you have at Walmart.

What Is The Points System at Walmart?

As a corporation with over 10,500 stores in 24 countries, Walmart’s NCNS Point System is a way for management to fairly track its employees’ attendance and timeliness.

Each unreported absence, skipped shift, tardy, and early leave is awarded a predetermined point value.

Once each Walmart associate reaches or exceeds a specific number of points, the employee faces termination.

How does a point system work?

Each new hire starts with a clean slate, with no points. Points automatically accrue each time an employee misses or skips work without informing their manager, is late, or leaves early without authorization.

The point system accrues as follows:

  • 10 to 120 minutes (2 hours) late – ½ point
  • Missing half of a shift – 1 point
  • Missing full shift (unreported) – 2 points
  • Clocking out 9 minutes before the end of shift (unauthorized) – ½ point

Based on the outlined point system, an associate is deducted 1 point for not showing up for half a shift, then an additional 2 points for missing an entire shift. Therefore, an employee who has an uninformed, unauthorized absence, could potentially accrue 3 total NCNS points.

Points Reset

The good news is that if you’ve accumulated several points on your record and fear termination or disciplinary action, they can be removed with improved performance and a little patience.

Points remain on an employee’s record for six full months from the accrual date.

If, for example, you have 1 point on your record for missing half your shift on August 8th, the point will be removed on February 8th from your record.

What if you have multiple absences and tardies on your record from different dates? In that case, a full reset will happen when the latest point collected reaches the six-month date.

Put differently, if a Walmart associate has 3 points accrued over several dates and the last point was added on July 15th, then the full reset will occur on January 15th.

Keep in mind that it may take the system an additional 24 hours for the points to be entirely removed.

Protected Paid Time Off (PPTO)

Walmart does have its employees’ best interests in mind. The company understands there will be times when absences and delays may not be avoided. Life is unpredictable and emergencies do happen.

In considering the unexpected, Walmart protects its associates from missing work or being late by implementing the Protected Paid Time Off system.

If an employee or family member is sick, if they’ve been in an accident, or if anything out of their control happens, they can have the points associated with the incident removed as long as they notify management.

The associate will incur points for the missed shift or tardiness; however, they can apply for PPTO to have them removed.

The employee has 7 days from the date of the collected point(s) to apply for PPTO.

Keep in mind documentation for the incident may be required.

How to see how many points you have at Walmart?

To see how many points you have accrued as a Walmart employee, simply go to your Walmart Associate account. Your points and absences will be under My Time.

You can also reach the Walmart Disability Service or the Leave Service at any time by calling 800-492-5678. An associate will call you back with information about points and absences.


As a multinational corporation with over 2.2 million associates and over 10,500 stores, Walmart has implemented the No Call/No Show (NCNS) Point System to assist in handling absences and tardiness with fairness.

The automated system allows managers to take the guesswork out of taking disciplinary action or when termination is the only solution to employees who are repeatedly late, calling in, or simply failing to show up for their shift.

While Walmart’s point system penalizes employees for unauthorized absences, late arrivals, and early leaves, associates do have the means to wipe the slate clean and are afforded protection for unplanned absences through the Protected Paid Time Off (PPTO).

As a responsible employee, it is important to see how many points you have at Walmart to avoid corrective action and termination.


How many points can I have at Walmart?

You can accrue up to 5 points as a Walmart associate.

What happens if you get 5 points at Walmart?

Once you reach 5 NCNS points as a Walmart employee, you will be terminated.

You may, however, face disciplinary action and termination before reaching your 5 points should your manager determine the employee’s work or attendance performance is unacceptable.

Do Walmart points expire?

Walmart NCNS points can be removed from your record 6 months from the date they were collected.

With improved attendance and timeliness, Walmart associates may have all of their collected points completely erased from their records; once the last accrued point reaches the 6-month mark.

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