How to Select Kanchipuram Sarees for Weddings?

Kanchipuram sarees are known, among other things, for their intricate designs and the fine fabrics used to make them. These sarees have been popular for centuries across South India and are known for their bright colors and luxurious textures. Traditionally worn by women during weddings, these saris have also become popular for party wear, formal events, and casual wear.

The Kanchipuram sarees are made of pure silk and are handwoven. They are a masterpiece of art made in Kanchipuram for over 1000 years. Many designs are available in these sarees, such as zari work, mirror work, pallu weave, etc.

These designs make these sarees more attractive and beautiful. Some popular patterns include peacock motifs or lotus flowers with leaves which symbolize purity and spirituality, respectively, so these patterns would be perfect for weddings.

However, sometimes you might be confused about choosing the best Kanchipuram saree for weddings. If so, follow the tips provided in this article.

The Border

The border is the most important part of a Kanchipuram saree. It is what will capture your attention, and it should be made of zari (golden thread), which is usually decorated with gold on top. The border should match the rest of the saree so that everything comes together when you wear it.

The Body

The body of the saree is the main part, and it’s usually made of cotton or silk. The body of the saree has a plain weave that gives a soft appearance to your look. The body of the saree is made with a very fine thread so that it doesn’t snag or tear easily. A traditional Kanchipuram saree will have gold or silver borders on its edges, which defines its quality and texture.

The Pallu or Drape

The pallu is the end of the saree that hangs down. Its design and pattern can be different from that of other parts of the saree, and it may be a contrasting color to the rest of it (like red for a white saree). It can also have borders or ruching all around its edges, especially on wedding occasions.

Types of Fabrics used in Kanchipuram Sarees

Kanchipuram sarees are available in silk, cotton and a few other fabrics. Silk is the most common material used for making Kanchipuram sarees. The silk comes in different varieties, like raw silk and spun silk.

Spun silk is more durable than raw silk and gives a softer feel to your skin than raw silk, which is rougher on your skin. Cotton has been used since ancient times in making these beautiful designs, but it is not as preferred due to its abrasive nature on sensitive skin areas like the neck and chest.


A perfect wedding saree combines the right fabric, color, and design. You can make a statement at your wedding with the right Kanchipuram sarees. The Kanchipuram sarees are made from silk or cotton. The borders of the saree can be plain or printed, giving you a wide variety to choose from.

You can choose from the various designs available to suit your personality and taste. There is a wide range of colors for brides to choose from, ranging from bright reds and pinks to light pinks and whites. The fabrics used in these sarees also vary depending upon the season or occasion you want them for.

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