A Comprehensive Guide to the Invisible Setting of Gems

The invisible setting of gems is a particular and highly specialised technique for creating an almost seamless appearance between a gemstone and the metal in which it is set. Indeed, this particular technique creates a seamless appearance, with no visible metal holding the gem in place. As a consequence, this results in a modern and elegant look that you should consider for any item of jewellery containing precious gems. Furthermore, if you are looking for a jeweller where you can find the finest invisible setting jewellery created by master craftsmen, then you must check on the major search engines so that you can identify an appropriate company in a particular area of the world. This style of setting gems has been perfected by a limited number of jewellers around the world while a luxury jewellery collection is provided by some of the finest jewellers in the world creating amazing pieces for you to choose from.

  • Choose from a wide range of jewellery using invisible setting
  • Clean and modern look when using invisible setting
  • Great durability for any type of jewellery
  • Undertake regular cleaning

I. Seamless appearance

The Invisible Setting of gems is a technique that involves placing precious gems into a piece of jewellery that hides the metal structure that is used to contain the gem. This method uses small grooves in the sides of the gem allowing them to be installed and held into place by the metal structure of the jewellery without actually being seen. This can create a smooth and uninterrupted surface with no visible metal holding the gem in place.

II. Clean and modern look

One of the advantages of using invisible setting for precious gemstones is that this method can create a clean and modern appearance with no visible metal surrounding the gem to hold it in place. This technique also makes the gems appear to be floating inside the jewellery creating a seamless, clean and modern look.

III. Greater durability

Furthermore, if you use invisible setting for gemstones on a piece of jewellery, you will be able to enjoy great durability. Moreover, the various interlocking grooves that are created on the sides of the gem hold them in place, providing a great level of protection against damage or loss.

IV. Undertake regular cleaning

Finally, much like any piece of luxury jewellery you must undertake regular cleaning to make sure it looks its best at all times. Indeed, a soft bristled brush and mild soap can be used to clean any type of jewellery, followed by a rinse with warm water. You should also use a soft cloth to dry any jewellery and then store it in a soft pouch to prevent scratching or damage from occurring.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are looking for a fantastic way to set a gemstone in a piece of jewellery, then you could think about purchasing an item created using the technique of invisible setting so that you can enjoy a clean and modern look as well as a seamless appearance, along with great durability.

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