How to Start a Running Hobby After 55

You are never too old to start a new hobby, so never let anyone else tell you otherwise. If you are interested in improving your fitness and starting a new hobby of running, you can start at any age. Running has many benefits for all ages, including improved cardiovascular health, stronger muscles, and better mental health. 

Below we look at how you can start a running hobby after 55 (and beyond!).

Start Training at a Gym

Running requires strength and stamina, which means you should do more than just run outside. Working on your overall fitness and doing weights will improve your runs and prepare you for longer runs, or even marathons (who said you can’t be 55+ and complete a marathon!). 

Find a gym in your local area or look for a gym for seniors. Going to a gym for those over 55 can make the environment more comfortable if you feel out of place surrounded by 20-year-olds trying to get hench. Furthermore, a gym specialized for seniors will have personal trainers who understand the difficulties that come with training as you age and can help you train in a way that will keep you safe.

Get the Right Equipment

When starting a new hobby, getting the right equipment will motivate you and ensure that you are comfortable during your runs. One very important piece of equipment needed for running is running shoes. This is something you shouldn’t skimp on, as poor-quality shoes for running could impact your joints and cause aches and pains.

As well as running shoes, consider getting some sports leggings and breathable T-shirts or running jackets. Be prepared for every type of weather, as runners will face rain, snow, and sun during their morning jogs. For ladies, investing in a good quality sports bra will also keep you comfortable and reduce any strain on your back and shoulders. 

Ease Into It

Running is not easy and can be even harder if you have not done much exercise before. You should always ease into a new exercise regime, especially one that can cause serious injury and stains if not done properly. First start by jogging or power walking, whether this is on a treadmill or in a park. Do not forget to warm up and cool down, as this is an essential aspect for all runners, especially those who are new to the practice.

Once you feel ready, jog at regular intervals, such as every two to three minutes. Listen to your body and stop when you need to, walking part of the way. Slowly lengthen the time you jog, until you feel ready to increase your pace. You may want to follow a running program for extra guidance. 

Join a Running Club

When you feel ready, search for local running clubs in your area. It can be scary joining a new club, but it helps if you find a running club tailored to seniors or the older population. In running clubs, there are people of all ages and abilities though, so don’t worry about being left behind. There will always be someone there with you for support.

This is also a great way to network and make new friends, which can be more difficult as you become a senior and head into retirement. Not only will you start a new hobby, but you may also make some beautiful connections in the process!

Eat Well

What we eat plays a vital part in our physical health and well-being, as well as how well we run. As we age, nutrition plays an even more important part in our lives, meaning there has never been a better time to improve your dietary habits.

Our bones become more fragile as we age, but that shouldn’t stop us from running. Instead, consume plenty of high-calcium food and drinks, such as milk, and consider taking calcium supplements. You should also consume plenty of healthy proteins and fats, as well as some carbohydrates. 

Before starting any new exercise regime, you must speak to your doctor if you have pre-existing medical conditions. Your doctor is likely to encourage you to improve your fitness levels through running, but they may offer some useful information so that you don’t worsen any existing conditions. 

No matter what age you are, running has a range of fantastic benefits and can get you out of the house and socializing with other seniors. Follow this guide if you want to start running after 55. Good luck and happy running!

By Jack Herrick

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