Who Died In Virginia Car Crash Today?

Fatal Car Accident Virginia Today

Emergency services were called out on the 18th of April, around 7.00 pm to a parking lot in Lynchburg, Virginia.

An incident involving a car and a 3-year-old boy took place, resulting in the hit and death of the boy.

Soon after the car accident, relatives had identified the boy. It was announced that the young pedestrian had died from their injuries from the crash.

The accident happened at The Timberlake Dixie Youth ballpark where officers and medics arrived at the scene around 7 p.m. that Tuesday night. Officials were informed of a pedestrian being struck by a vehicle.

In a statement, the LPD said “Our thoughts go out to those impacted by this tragic incident,”.

Speaking on behalf of the victims’ parents on a GoFundMe post, sister and sister-in-law, Brittany Ashby said ““They are going through the worst thing a parent could imagine,”.

The community has since rallied together to support the family, raising over $42,000 on the GoFundMe page as well as sharing their thoughts and prayers across social media.

Furthermore, the victim’s aunt has organised a Meal Train page to help support the family through this difficult time. The page has since raised over $5,000 for the family alongside providing meals each day through until May 31st.

The Timberlake Dixie Youth staff shared on their Facebook page their thoughts and prayers, also stating the closure of the park until Monday, out of respect for the grieving family. In a post, they said, “Our hearts are broken and we as a community will lean on each other during this difficult time.”

A prayer service was held on Wednesday for the community at Timberlake Church, where the 3-year-old attended pre-school.

As of April 20th, no arrests have been made yet police continue to investigate the incident.

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