Pazuzu Algarad House: Where is Pazuzu Algarad buried?

What do you think about when you hear the name Pazuzu? The demon who terrified Linda Blair in The Exorcist? The demon who you have to defeat at the end of the game Persona 2: Eternal Punishment? Perhaps not. But today I’m talking about Pazuzu Algarad, a man so terrifying he’s rumoured to have killed over 40 people in his home without anyone being able to prosecute him for it because no one would dare to go up against the house of a serial killer. So who’s Pazuzu Algarad? Where is Pazuzu Algarad buried? All these questions are answered in this post.

Who is Pazuzu Algarad?

Pazuzu Algarad was born in 1972. His parents were John and Sarah Algarad. He spent the first several years of his life moving from place to place, having lived in places such as Indiana, Florida, North Carolina, etc. but eventually settled down in Clemmons, North Carolina with his parents. He would eventually change his name to Pazuzu Algarad, taking the Assyrian demon’s name. He married Cora Thornton in 1998 and they had two children together named Khai and Ezra.

Pazuzu was arrested for petty crimes such as larceny and obtaining property by false pretences numerous times in his life but was never convicted due to lack of evidence. In 2002, his wife Cora died. His father John would eventually pass away as well leaving Pazuzu a widower with two children to care for by himself.

Pazuzu Algarad House

Pazuzu Algarad the Serial Killer

In 2010, Pazuzu Algarad was arrested for murdering two people along with his wife Amber Burch. Pazuzu has been officially charged with two counts of first degree murder and is currently on trial at Randolph County NC jail as we speak. We were able to get an interview with some close friends of the accused, one of which was even arrested for helping him dump a body in Surry County.

Amber Burch’s mother, Alena Marie, was a close friend of the couple and shared her stories with the public. “Their love for each other was very strong, I have never seen anything like it.” She explained how Amber would always be carrying Pazuzu’s child in a baby-bouncer or playing with him. She says that the couple were even thinking about having another child now that they are behind bars. “It is really weird to know how much I loved them, but I still do.”

The couple lived in an old white house located off of Yadkinville road near the border of Stokes County, NC. The Pazuzu Algarad House was left abandoned for years before the couple moved in on New Year’s Day of 2010. The house was found covered in trash, dead animals, old furniture, and random garbage left by previous occupants. Amber Burch is being charged with accessory to murder for helping Pazuzu dump a body off of Badgett Drive in Surry County, NC.

The Pazuzu Algarad case

The Pazuzu Algarad Case has rocked the community and has left many people all over the world wondering who this man really is.  What drove him to kill?  When some friends of the couple were interviewed, they explained how Pazuzu was a very charismatic individual, but had a dark side as well.

We learned that Pazuzu Algarad was originally from Ohio, but moved to North Carolina after serving time in jail. He claimed he killed a man by accident and was forced to move to escape the law. Pazuzu claims that there were many demons living inside of his body and began using drugs such as meth and weed at the age of 13. His wife Amber Burch said that he suffered from mental disorders and would often hear voices inside of his head. Even with all the oddities, she stayed by his side and claims that she never saw any physical violence between them. The couple lived in an old white house just across the NC border, but didn’t stay there long due to various animal carcasses littering the property. The couple moved into a new home on Christmas day of 2010 and had been there since. Neighbors say that they saw blood trails going from the home to the shed in the backyard which started rumors about a possible murder on the property.

Where’s Pazuzu Algarad Buried?

According to knowledgeable sources, Pazuzu Algarad’s body is buried near a dumpster behind a small shopping centre in Yadkinville road. Authorities have been digging up the area for weeks and are trying to identify the body found there. Sources say that it could be one of his friends or maybe even an unknown victim.

Pazuzu was been diagnosed with many different mental disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and even manic depression. It is also said that he met the criteria for all of these disorders combined. He was known to be a very spiritual person and often sacrificed cows & other animals in order to get rid of evil spirits inside his home.

The Story of Amber Burch

Amber Burch was arrested on January 4th, 2014. She claims that she had nothing to do with Pazuzu’s murders and that he forced her to help him bury the body. “He threatened to kill me if I didn’t make it look like an accident.” One unnamed friend remembers seeing her walking around the property with a shotgun while wearing a white dress. Her child looks just like her other three children, but there is no telling what she was feeding him while living in that house after all of this time.

Amber Burch has been charged with accessory to murder for helping Pazuzu dump one of his victims off of Badgett Drive in Surry County, NC.

The story of Amber Burch is a very sad one. She was a great mother and visited her children every weekend while they were with their father. She claims that she never saw Pazuzu act violently towards his wife, but only heard the two arguing through the walls on several occasions. While living in the house, she said that Pazuzu would go off on drug binges for days at a time. And when he came back, they’d usually end up fighting until his demons were gone.

By Donald Chris

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