5 Of The best Chinese Learning Songs for Kids

Teaching Chinese to young children is a challenging yet rewarding task. The earlier children become familiar with the Mandarin language and culture, the more doors they will open for themselves. While there are various approaches available to parents – from hiring private tutors or enrolling their kids in local weekend schools – one of the most enjoyable and age-appropriate ways to learn Chinese is by teaching your children Chinese learning songs for kids.

In the following article, I have curated a list of five of my favourite Mandarin songs for young learners. The list focuses on numbers, animals and shapes.

  1. Little Star

If your kid is just starting to learn Chinese, then this is the best one for you. The lyrics are cute, short and straight forward. For example, the mother cow says just mmmmm in the song. Its also available in English on YouTube. The Lyrics easy to comprehend, divided into short stanzas and with cute drawings.

The song is popularized by a boy named Matty who learned Chinese from his parents at home. His rendition of the song on YouTube has been viewed millions of times.

  1. Pull Carrots Song

This song starts out in American English, then the way it is sung in Chinese sounds like baby talk. The words are simple but not too simple. We think this song has to be effective because the song’s description said it had been viewed by several million people on YouTube, and Youku a video sharing website in China.

  1. Good Little Bunnies

The song teaches kids both Chinese and English words about animals. Kids can learn simple words such as rabbit, pig, duck and so on. The tune is beguiling and the lyrics are straightforward and easy to remember. The song’s YouTube video has been viewed more than 4 million times since it was posted in April this year. It’s one of the best rated Chinese Songs for Kids. If you have been looking for easy Chinese learning songs, you will definitely like this one.

  1. Happy Chinese New Year

This song is very common in the Spring Festival or Chinese Lunar New Year celebrated all around the world and in January in China. The lyrics are in both English and Mandarin. The music video was produced by CCTV (China Central Television) in 2009. If your child knows the English alphabet and can count to ten , he/she will also learn the Mandarin pronunciation of numbers.

  1. I go to Kindergarten

This song teaches kids about life in kindergarten. It has both English and Chinese lyrics. The music video was produced by CCTV (China Central Television) in 2008. We like the song because it is short, light-hearted and easy to remember. It’s for kids that are starting to learn Chinese too.

We hope you will find these 5 songs helpful in your child’s Chinese learning journey and please feel free to share this list with parent friends who may also be interested. The five songs above are available on YouTube so you can check them for yourself before deciding whether your child can learn Chinese from them.

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